FOC East receives and celebrates the ENC Communications Team.

The Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Naval Command, Rear Admiral IA Dewu, officially received and celebrated the Communication Team from Eastern Naval Command who came back with trophy as the overall second best in the 2022 Nigerian Navy Annual Communication Competition that took place in Lagos. This great Team of ENC Communications officers and men was coordinated by the Command Communication and Information Technology Officer (CCITO), Commander SR Nweke.

The respective Team members are: SLt JO Ogacheko, SLt ID Ogbonna, PORS Ejovi AS, PORS Ishaya M,  LRO Udofia SE,  ABROG Commander and  SMROG Ihama JO. This Communication Competition covered areas such as semaphore, flashing, flag hoisting, message drafting/handling, fleet work, general communications knowledge, practical communications radio setup, among others. The key objective of this competition is to further drill the NN Communications personnel on the rudiments of naval communications. Naval communications is the fulcrum of naval operations. Naval communication enshrines the transmission of information from reconnaissance and other units in contact with the enemy and the means for exercising command by the transmission of orders and instructions of commanders to their subordinates. As such, it comprises all means of transmitting messages, orders, and reports, both in the field and at sea and between headquarters and distant installations or ships. Naval communication has thus long played an important role in the overall naval operations and warfare.


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