The new face of the NN as detailed in the CNS Strategic Directive 2021 -5 (SD 2021-5).

1.          The CNS Strategic Directive 2021 -5 (SD 2021-5) was promulgated on 26 Feb 21 to guide the attainment of NN operational, logistics and administrative processes and procedures. Consequently, the SD 2021-5 outlines key priorities to be accomplished by branches, commands, establishments, ships and units within specified time frame. In this regards, the Eastern Naval Command (ENC) identified relevant tasks which are to be achieved within the stipulated time frame in the SD 2021-5.

2.          In line with the provision of the SD 2021-5, 28 specific tasks were identified for the ENC constitute of 10 x short, 10 x medium and 8 x long term ones from operations to concepts and organization.


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